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Overcoming My Fear of Planes

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I was, for the longest time, terrified of planes. Just looking at them would make my anxiety skyrocket and I would sweat like there is no tomorrow. It’s been like this ever since I was a kid too. Going on any plane I would grip the seat handles until the plane had been up in the air for at least 20 minutes. But why was I scared? What about planes was leaving me paralyzed?

I make a decision the summer of 2011 that I didn’t wanna be scared anymore. There is nothing worse in life than allowing your fear to take over your life, and that’s what my fear of planes was doing. So I did some searching in my childhood to see if any traumatic events occurred to leave me scared of planes . . . and there wasn’t.

Sure there was the time we went to Bahamas and we bounced hard off the ground when landing but that wouldn’t do it, I was still gripping the seat when we were flying. It wasn’t my trip to Los Angeles because I was terrified and that was only two years ago.

I’m not scared of being in the air nor am I scared of crashing. It’s a fear I’ve never been able to understand. So I did some more research about planes and stumbled onto a website that I believe helped me find the courage to not be afraid any more.

First, it explains everything that goes on to a plane. It explains how they work and pretty much everything you need to know. Then it goes on the what turbulence is, which I believe is my biggest problem. Did you know turbulence is simply bumps in the sky, like when you go over bumps in the road? I didn’t! I thought it was the plane struggling to keep still! Just that helped me beyond everything.

This website was created by Captain Stacey Chance who has been a pilot for over 25 years. He created this course to help nervous flyers. If you want more information, click this link.

But if you’re still having problems with it, talk to your doctor. That’s what I did before finding this website. I went to my doctor and explained my problem to her and she prescribed me Ativan for my flights . . . the next ten flights to be exact.

So now I can go on flights without having a problem. Well I sweat a lot and I shake but that’s small compared to what used to happen. I don’t control that. I can now go up without gripping the seat and if there’s turbulence I just sit there because I now know what it is. I hope this website helps you as much as it helped me.


Author: Nicole Rae

20 year old girl who went cross-country to university only to wind up hating it, came back home to rediscover her love for books.

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