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Road Trip: Ottawa

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My sister and I decided to take a trip from Toronto to Ottawa then to Quebec City. It was a last minute decision and so much fun! I had to drive the nine hours because my sister doesn’t have her license.

We left 1:30am Saturday morning and arrived in Ottawa at 5:20am. The fog was so thick driving that it was almost impossible to see in front of you. I was scared I was going to have to pull over and wait for the fog to pass (if I did that, I’d have to wait til about 10am). We made it safely and had the whole city to ourselves! We walked around taking photos for an hour before we decided to keep going. We knew we were coming back to Ottawa to stay at the HI Jail Hostel (Post about that will be up later). It was on my Bucket List so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. From there we continued to Quebec City.


Author: Nicole Rae

20 year old girl who went cross-country to university only to wind up hating it, came back home to rediscover her love for books.

One thought on “Road Trip: Ottawa

  1. Love love love the fog – the more the better! 🙂 Would love to get to shoot some pictures in the fog sometimes for my blog. Thanks for stopping by to see me 🙂

    Greetings from

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