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Spending a Night in Jail


I spent a night in the HI Jail! It was such an experience and I cannot believe that I did it! Just so you’re not too confused, it’s not a real jail… well it was. For information on the hostel click here.
I stayed in the 6 bunk bedroom with 5 other girls including my sister.

Provided with the $35 cost is a bed (obviously), linen, breakfast, access to the kitchen and lounge room, and you can roam the hostel. It serves also as a museum and has daily tours offered as well. I knew checking into the hotel that there were sightings of ghosts but I didn’t read the stories until I was in bed, after I went to the bathroom by myself (keep reading for relevance :P).

I later found out that the Level 4 bathroom is haunted, and it has reported that a faceless woman is in there. Needless to say I freaked out. If I had seen a faceless woman I would have run as fast as I could out of there. Hopefully I didn’t bring any ghosts home with me.

The bed’s were comfortable and my roommates were respectful and quiet when they came in and saw me sleeping. I only woke once during my 12 hour sleep, hopefully not because of a ghost pushing me…

I would definitely recommend this hostel for anyone stopping in Ottawa.


Author: Nicole Rae

20 year old girl who went cross-country to university only to wind up hating it, came back home to rediscover her love for books.

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  1. great title for your post!

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