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What to Expect: Weather in Toronto

There are some stereotypes about Toronto, or Canada in general.  I’m here to say most of them are false.
No, we do not ride polar bears to school.
No, we don’t live in igloos.
Yes, we have phones.
No, we do not have funny accents. (Maybe in Quebec)
Yes, we say “eh?” a lot.
Yes, we say please and sorry a lot.
No, it is not always snowing here!

One of the biggest misconceptions I find about Canada is that it is always snowing here, even in Toronto. That is not true in the summer. I hope this guide provides you with enough information so you know what to pack on your trip to Toronto.

I don’t even know where to begin with summer. Summer in Toronto is unbearably hot most of the time. During the summer, there are constantly heat warnings and smog warnings.
The best thing to do is hit up one of the beaches in Toronto. You could check out Dutch Dreams and get some ice cream.
Don’t bring tight clothing if you sweat a lot… Bring shorts, skirts, and dresses. Also, tank tops and loose shirts. Bring flip-flops/sandals and lots of sun screen. You will sweat so make sure you’re drinking lots of water.
The difference between Toronto and Vancouver is that when it’s hot in Vancouver, it’s hot. When it’s hot in Toronto, it’s 30C plus humidity so it’s probably around 36C. And that’s on a good day.

The dreaded Canadian winter!!! It’s exactly how it’s stereotyped.
Bring jeans, track pants, sweaters, winter jackets, and waterproof, cold-proof boots. Hats, gloves, and scarves are often required as well. Be prepared for weather to get as cold as -30C!



Casa Loma

In the middle of Toronto, there is a castle named Casa Loma. It has been the set of many popular movies and offers a beautiful setting for any wedding or occasion. I personally would love to have my wedding here when the time comes!

Admission for adults is $20.55 CA and there is a cost to park at the castle. There are guided tours as well as walk through tours, or you can just walk around without any kind of tour. It’s beautiful and if you’re not into the history of it but still want to see it, I recommend not getting any tours. It’s easy to find your way around and just relaxing being there.

There are hidden passages that you are able to go through in the castle. They lead to rooms that would’ve taken a while to get to. Outside there is a garden that is magnificent in the summer when it’s warm. There is also a trail that goes through the trees surrounding the castle.

This is a definite must when you’re in Toronto. If you plan on going to lots of attractions, buy the City Pass which allows you to visit certain places in Toronto for the price of $60. For more information on Casa Loma, click here.