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CN Tower

So it took me 19 years but I finally went up to the CN Tower!!! (I get to cross yet another item off my bucket list). For the past month I’ve had my two friends I made at camp stay with me, one from Germany and one from Mexico. Something neither of them have done is go to the CN Tower so we decided to do it. Thanks to CouchSurfing we found a coupon that allows us to go up for $10 past 8pm.
I did this mostly to get over my fear of heights and at first I was terrified, especially when we were going up the elevator and the ground kept getting further and further away, and we went higher than the tallest building. But when I was up there you realize it’s not that scary. There’s nothing to be scared of at that height. You are secure and what’s the worst thing that could happen? Everything I thought of wasn’t realistic and realizing that helped me calm down. Then I had to get over my ultimate fear…the glass floor.
At first glance I felt like I was falling. It’s a weird feeling being up that high and being able to see the ground with nothing blocking your view. And to be honest I had to hold someones hand the first two times I walked over the glass. But the third time I was able to do it by myself and the feeling of accomplishing that was far greater than my fear of heights. I’m excited to say I may be over my fear of heights.


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What to Expect: Weather in Toronto

There are some stereotypes about Toronto, or Canada in general.  I’m here to say most of them are false.
No, we do not ride polar bears to school.
No, we don’t live in igloos.
Yes, we have phones.
No, we do not have funny accents. (Maybe in Quebec)
Yes, we say “eh?” a lot.
Yes, we say please and sorry a lot.
No, it is not always snowing here!

One of the biggest misconceptions I find about Canada is that it is always snowing here, even in Toronto. That is not true in the summer. I hope this guide provides you with enough information so you know what to pack on your trip to Toronto.

I don’t even know where to begin with summer. Summer in Toronto is unbearably hot most of the time. During the summer, there are constantly heat warnings and smog warnings.
The best thing to do is hit up one of the beaches in Toronto. You could check out Dutch Dreams and get some ice cream.
Don’t bring tight clothing if you sweat a lot… Bring shorts, skirts, and dresses. Also, tank tops and loose shirts. Bring flip-flops/sandals and lots of sun screen. You will sweat so make sure you’re drinking lots of water.
The difference between Toronto and Vancouver is that when it’s hot in Vancouver, it’s hot. When it’s hot in Toronto, it’s 30C plus humidity so it’s probably around 36C. And that’s on a good day.

The dreaded Canadian winter!!! It’s exactly how it’s stereotyped.
Bring jeans, track pants, sweaters, winter jackets, and waterproof, cold-proof boots. Hats, gloves, and scarves are often required as well. Be prepared for weather to get as cold as -30C!


Planning Iceland

Starting From:
Toronto, ON     Airport: YYZ

Flying to:
Reykjavik, Iceland

So this is going to be my first stop around the world. I am doing extensive research in what to do, weather conditions, prices and currency, places to stay, and how to get around.

Since I’m going in the winter, most tourist attractions will be closed due to high-season not starting until July. Fortunately the things I want to do will still be available.

While I’m in Iceland I only want to accomplish a few things including hiking a glacier, seeing the northern lights, touring the Golden Circle, and going to the Blue Lagoon. Since it is only one small stop on my trip, I don’t want to spend a lot of money here. I want to save for the countries with a higher cost of living. I’ll be taking public transit when getting around Reykjavik but I might rent a car for a day or go places with tours depending on what’s cheaper.

I don’t know anyone from Iceland so I’ll be using CouchSurfing to find someone I can stay with or I will be staying at a hostel. Once I make money and plan what’s coming next I’ll post my “schedule”. I but schedule in quotations because nothing I’m doing is going to be set in stone. I know things will come up but I will probably have my first few weeks planned just so my family knows what I’m doing and has time to get comfortable with me traveling alone.

If you know anything to do in Iceland let me know! I’m very interested!

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It’s Decided

So I have decided where I am going to start my journey!! After carefully mapping out prices of flights and what would cost me the smallest amount but still be somewhere I want to go, a decision has been made.

I’m starting in ICELAND! So some of you are probably like, why in God’s name would you want to go to Iceland and in the winter, no less? Well I want to start crossing things off my bucket list and the one I’ll cross off here is Hike a Glacier…and See the Northern Lights, hopefully!

Well…that’s it.  I’m starting in around 7 months!  How exciting is that?  Now if someone will hire me so I can start making some money!