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Dead Man’s Tour

So my father and I went on a road trip we dubbed the “Dead Man’s Tour”. You may be wondering why we did this. The answer is, simply because we were visiting James Dean and Elvis.

James Dean has been a hero of mine since I first saw him only three years ago. Since then he’s been a constant inspiration and person I can relate to, even though he’s dead (RIP). I read online that the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis was having a James Dean Exhibit and of course I couldn’t pass that up!

My dad had offered to bring me on a road trip wherever I wanted to go, and I couldn’t choose between going to visit Jimmie and Elvis or go to Salem then up to the Maritimes in Canada. So while weighing the two options I made the choice to watch some Supernatural and it was the episode that helped me choose James Dean. In a tv show that’s about demons and ghosts and monsters, there was James Dean and Little Bastard in an episode. It was a sign from Jim, no doubt. 🙂 It was also lucky because the week we went, the east coast got butchered by rain.

So we went from Toronto-Fairmount-Indianapolis-Tennessee-Memphis and home again. In the next few weeks I’ll post highlights from the trip so stay tuned! Here are some photos to get you started.










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A Warning from My Sister

My sister and I are two completely different people.  To start she’s tall, I’m short.  I can’t tan for my life and she tans in the winter.  My eyes are a weird combination of yellow and green while her’s are brown.  Where we are the most different is our thought process.  It made me want to put a post here dedicated to the warnings I have received from some people.  The biggest one being You are going to be raped on your trip!

This mostly coming from my sister and her friend who are just a year younger than me. They believe CouchSurfing, hostels, and strange countries mean I’m not safe. They believe the world is bad and you should always be on alert for someone wanting to kidnap you and put you in the sex trade. They also believe that you should never do something by yourself, someone should always be with you.

I’m the kind of person that enjoys being by myself, I don’t mind it. It gives me time to think and I get to do what I want without someone always telling me what to do. I believe that people are good. If you go around thinking everyone wants to hurt you, you attract that. If you believe that the world is a good place and everyone wants to help each other, that’s what you attract.

I’m not saying that I’m going to go around listening to what strange people that want to take me to a local spot at the end of an alley, but I want to keep an open mind. I know when to trust my gut and ask for help.

The problem is media has given us the perception that anything foreign and strange is bad. Don’t go to Europe because you’ll be kidnapped like the girls in Taken! Don’t trust people from the Middle East because they’re terrorists! Media shows all the bad things that can happen when you travel, never any of the good stuff and experiences you will have.

China is now warning it’s people traveling to be careful because they can get murdered in Canada, and they should be more protective. This is not the case at all! Being from Canada, I don’t know anyone that has it out for Chinese people. There is no threat for them in Canada, and they are telling their citizens that Canada has it out for them. It’s the same for us here when discussing other countries.

At the end of the day, I don’t want to be boxed in and not experience the world. If people were all bad, I wouldn’t have lasted 19 years in the world. Remember that you really don’t get the whole truth when you read about foreign countries in the news. It is best to go their yourself with an open mind and get ready to experience all the country has to offer.